Craft Your Perfect Elevator Pitch

Based on the AHEAD technique from the book First Impressions for the Business Professional - Why Some of Us Excel and Most of Us Fail

"Your elevator pitch can be the difference between fast tracking your career or watching it stand still for years."

Your elevator pitch is based on 2 major components.

Attention Grabber

Your attention grabber is a tease statement designed to intrigue the other person to want to learn more about you.


Here are a few examples:

Real Estate Agent: “I help people find the keys to their dreams.”

Manager: “I help maximize talent to ensure business goals are met.”

Fashion Consultant: “I help people stand out in the crowd without saying a word.”

Benefit Statement

Before you craft a benefit statement, it’s important to understand the difference between a benefit and feature.

Here are a few ways to remember the difference between features and benefits.

If you’re talking about a car:

A feature of the car is the air conditioning.

A benefit of the car is the comfort you will receive from the air conditioner in the summer.

Remember: A feature belongs to the product or service.

A benefit is the experience or what you gain from the product or service.

Write down five benefits that relate to what you do.


Manager: It allows me to utilize my problem solving skills to build great leaders for my company.

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